Artwork Guide for New Classroom Cards to Develop New Cards for Your Classroom

Do you have a special event planned or is there a new subject or activity you require? Let Innovative Design Assistance help you to develop the cards you need!

Artwork Guide for Extra Cards PDF
Daily Classroom layout for new cards

Daily Subjects and Activities

The Daily Classroom Timetable was developed over 10 years ago, and since then there have been many changes to school curriculum subjects, educational programs and school activities.

Within weeks of the Daily Classroom Timetable being created there have been requests for a variety of new school subject and activity cards to combine with the standard timetable pack.

Today there are more than 400 extra cards available to purchase online from this site.

Some of the cards were created when changes were made to the National Curriculum, while other new cards were created for individual school programs and activities.

Innovative Design Assistance recognizes that there will always be new subjects and activities required by teachers and parents alike, so we have developed a guide for you to use.

Timetable Extra Cards

There are now more than 400+ Extra Cards available.

While some new cards are required as new subjects added into the curriculum,
most new cards are special requests by teachers to add to their classrooms.

New cards created in the last 12 months include Comprehension and Fluency, Figurative Language, Speed and Accuracy, and InitiaLit to name a few

New Classroom Cards three different sizes.

Medium Sized Extra Cards

If you are short on space, maybe you need to order medium sized extra cards.

All extra cards are available to purchase in three sizes, small, medium and large.

The large cards, 190mm x 60mm, are the standard size used for the Daily classroom Timetable and Months and Weekdays packs.

The small cards, 95mm x 30mm, are the standard size for home and personal use and can be used together with the Desktop Daily Classroom Timetable and My Home Timetable.

All cards available in the small and large sizes can be manufactured in the medium size of 142mm x 45mm. If cards are not currently in stock, they can easily be ordered by request through the contact form on the Contact Us page.

Artwork Guide for Extra Cards 2021

Download the Artwork Guide for Extra Cards PDF for free!

  • Extra Card Guidelines

    A new guide has been developed to be used when creating artwork for all new cards to ensure a consistent look for the classroom and home.

Download the Artwork Guide for New Cards PDF and view which layout suits your subject or activity.

Artwork Guide for New Cards PDF

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