Magnetic Monthly Planner


Review your month ahead quickly and easily with this magnetic planner.

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The ‘Monthly Planner‘ is designed for you to write down all your up-coming event/appointments for the month using a whiteboard marker. You can then place it on your fridge where you can see your month ahead at a glance. If an appointment needs to be removed, a quick wipe with a soft cloth and it is gone. At the end of the month, wipe the board clean and write in the new up-coming events/appointments for the month ahead.

Extra ‘day’ cards are included, so if you have an appointment coming up in the next month you can write it onto an extra card. When the month turns over, wipe the board clean and just place the extra card directly onto the board on the right date for the appointment.

The Magnetic Monthly Planner is also ideal for use in the school classroom. Teachers can plan the month ahead clearly with students and special dates can be added at any time.

This pack includes:

  • 1 x laminated magnetic board – approximately 330mm wide x 295mm high
  • 14 x extra note cards

The ‘Monthly Planner‘ is designed to be used with a whiteboard marker.


Additional information

Weight285 g
Dimensions330 × 300 × 5.0 mm