Extra Cards

Magentic Extra Cards have been designed to ‘add-on’ to or compliment the variety of Tadah! Learning that Sticks products available through ‘Innovative Design Assistance‘. Some are available for sale individually, while other are available for sale in packs.

Individual extra cards are available in 3 sizes:

  • Large – 190mm x 60mm
  • Medium – 142.5mm x 45mm
  • Small – 95mm x 30mm

Not all cards are immediately available.

To place an order for cards ‘out of stock’ please contact ‘Innovative Design Assistance‘ through the ‘Contact’ page with the list of cards you would like to order and we will contact you immediately of the availability of the cards requested.

Large Extra Cards

The Large cards are specifically designed to add into the ‘Daily Classroom Timetable‘ and ‘Months and Weekdays‘ for use in a full sized classroom. There is an extensive range of cards to choose from including a new range specifically for Maths and Science subjects and activities. To view the full range of large cards available – please click here. . . .

Medium Extra Cards

The Medium sized cards are new and have been added to Tadah’s product range to cater for smaller classrooms or class groups. They can still be clearly seen from a distance, while take up a lot less room on a magnetic whiteboard. The medium sized ‘Daily Classroom Timetable‘ and ‘Months and Weekdays‘ packs will soon be available for purchase in 2013. Medium sized cards are mostly ‘out of stock’, but with short print runs ‘Innovative Design Assistance’ is able to to cater for the fluctuations in the variety of ‘Extra Cards’ ordered or requested each month. To place an order for ‘extra cards’ ‘out of stock’ please place a request for the cards required through the contact form on the ‘contact‘ page.

Small Extra Cards

The Small sized cards are designed to add into the ‘Desktop Daily Classroom Timetable‘ and ‘My Home Timetable‘ for individual use.



 Card Size Qty 0 – 9     
 Large – 190mm x 60mm $4.40     
 Medium – 142mm x 45mm $3.30     
 Small – 95mm x 30mm $2.20     
 All pricing includes GST.
Orders of small and medium extra cards will require printing before shipping.

Tadah and ‘Innovative Design Assistance‘ recognize the personal teaching styles and individual school requirements – so from requests – there are many ‘New’ cards added to this list each year. To make a request for a new subject or activities card, please contact ‘Innovative Design Assistance‘ direct through the contact form on the ‘Contact‘ page. Each month ‘Innovative Design Assistance’ organizes small print runs to cater for the fluctuations in the variety of ‘Extra Cards’ ordered and to enable individual requests to create magnetic Educational Resources for parents and teachers.

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